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District Council 16 - Directors

Director of Organizing

Hi, if you don’t know me my name is John Sherak and I am the Director of Organizing here at District Council 16.  I run a crew of six Organizers and we cover all of Northern California and Northern Nevada.  The Organizing Department has one goal that is a primary focus of our collective efforts:

To create new work opportunities for our members through,

  • Marketing and New Business Development
  • Picketing unfair contractors.
  • Bannering and leafleting to draw public attention to unfair contractors.
  • Political outreach to labor friendly legislators to effect changes in the labor laws.
  • Research and education on Labor and Industry related issues.
  • Public works Compliance.
  • Job Targeting.

Our plans to accomplish this goal are constantly evolving because the construction marketplace is always changing.  We have an excellent team in place in the Organizing Department who are ambitious and draw from each other’s strengths.   This helps us to be effective in our strategies in organizing new contractors and therefore provide more hours for our members. 

John Sherak

Director of Organizing