District Coucil 16

District Council 16 - STAR Program Training

The STAR Program is a reward based voluntary training program established to provide training opportunities to our members and reward those who meet the minimum training requirements.  The STAR Program is the flagship of District Council 16’s commitment to developing a High Performance/High Value culture throughout the organization.  The STAR Program offers skills training, safety training, supervisor training and survival training.  The annual STAR Training year shall run from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. 

Following each STAR training year, all members whom meet the minimum STAR requirements shall be invited to attend the annual STAR Program awards recognition event which will be held in or around October of each year.  All members who qualify and their immediate family will be invited to attend the annual STAR Program awards recognition event.  The annual STAR Program awards recognition event will be a family style barbeque/carnival event.  All qualifying members who attend the event will receive a door prize and a raffle ticket.  All members who receive a raffle ticket will be invited to participate in the STAR raffle drawing.  The STAR raffle drawing prizes shall including pickup trucks, boats, motorcycles and many other valuable prizes.  The minimum eligibility requirements to attend the annual STAR Program awards recognition event includes attending the STAR sponsored “Survival of the Fittest” training, completing at least 16 hours of STAR sponsored training (Survival of the Fittest training included) without experiencing a lost time work related injury or work related illness during the STAR Program qualifying year. 

We hope each and every one of you take advantage of this program and sees it as an opportunity to express your personal commitment to being a high performance/high value craftsperson.  The awards are definitely an incentive for you to participate but the biggest reward is the effect your commitment to excellence will have on your career as a professional craftsman.  Your personal commitment to excellence can be expressed not only through your participation in the STAR Program but may also be expressed daily on the job through your appearance, behavior and attitude.  You will get out of your chosen career what you put into it.  We are the best, but that does not mean we can’t be better.

The purpose of this article is to give you a broader understanding of the STAR program.  For official rules, class schedules and to register please visit the STAR Website at dc16star.org.